2 TEAMS - 12 Blasters with red dot laser pointers, suitable for either indoor or outdoors, built tough and weather-resistant. When Blasters are not being use please store in box indoors with power saving leads plugged in. 






PICK UP - from our depot in Brook Surrey:

  • Day Rate: £120 
  • Weekend Rate: £180 *Promotion - buy one get the 2nd half price* 
  • Week Rate: £420
  • Monthly Rate: Contact Us

DELIVERED - direct to your door mainland UK

Additional delivery charges apply to Northern Ireland, Irish Republic, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the Scottish Highlands and the NorthernIsles.

  • Day Rate: £160
  • Weekend Rate: £220 *Promotion - buy one get the 2nd half price* 
  • Week Rate: £460
  • Monthly Rate: Contact Us 


  • 12 x Blasters with red laser pointer (18 hour battery life)
  • 6 x red team Blasters
  • 6 x blue team Blasters
  • 1 x red team flag
  • 1 x blue team flag
  • 2 x game starters
  • 2 x bonus targets
  • 1 x hosting kit (incl. quick start guide, whistle, instructional DVD)
  • Party invites
All Blasters are team coloured so players can identify who is on which teams. Like in the real world all Blasters can be hit either by friendly or enemy fire so players must aim before shooting. Scores are displayed on each Blaster during and after the game for players to compare how well they performed. Each Blaster has it's in built speaker for players to receive feedback when they are firing the Blaster, successfully tagging the opposition and when they have been hit.
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